NeuTranslation™ offers several options to help you translate web pages easily:

What NeuTranslation™ can do?

HTML translation

Quickly translate HTML into target languages. For example, you can grab all the HTML codes of promotional emails and place them in the HTML translation form to translate them and get the translated HTML emails directly .

url translation

Applicable to any published website including but not limited to single-page sites, promotional landing pages, mini-site pages. Allows you to proofread and verify translations, and then get translated HTML pages directly.

.csv translation

Suitable for storing website content through database, can directly export website page content in a .csv file from the content database; submit this .csv file to NeuTranslation™ for translation; then import the translated .csv file to content management database to use.

Why choose NeuTranslation™?

Neural machine translation backed with deep learning models

NeuTranslation™ uses neural machine learning as a backend and uses deep learning models to achieve the best translation quality, save time and effort, save costs and reduce errors.

Low cost and easy to use

NeuTranslation™ significantly reduces the cost of web translation compared to normal translation services. With just one click, the web page is translated and the completed HTML page can be used without the need to develop HTML code.

Support for multiple languages

Supports translation between any of the following languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Turkish, Arabic and Spanish.

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